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Saturday 21st of April 2018

Clover Ranch

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Smencils, Smens & Smanimals

Smencils, Smens & Smanimals
Fundraising with Smencils, Smens, Sketch & Sniff Gel Crayons, Smickers, and Scented Keychains
is fun, profitable and healthy for the environment!
Helping our planet . . . one pencil or pen at a time.
Yes, they really are pencils and pens made from rolled sheets of recycled newspaper and corn-based biodegradable plastic.  Smencils and Smens work the same as any regular pencil or pen, but they smell way better!
The World's Best Smelling Pencils and Pens!
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Sweet Heart Smencils in Buckets
SWEET HEART SMENCILS The Perfect Valentine Fundraiser! SWEET HEART Smencils are avai...
JUMBO 5 l/2 " SCRATCH & SNIFF STICKERS NEW Sell for $1.00 Available in 8 Sce...
Smencils in Buckets
SMENCILS Gourmet Scented #2 HB Graphite Core PENCILS made from 100% Recycled Newspa...
SKETCH & SNIFF GEL CRAYONS Sell for $1.00 Available in 5 Scents:  Bubble Gu...
Sports Smencils in Buckets
SPORTS SMENCILS Gourmet Scented #2 HB Graphite Core SPORTS PENCILS made from 100% r...
SCENTCO SCENTED KEYCHAINS Available in 4 Scents:  Cupcake, Creamsicle, Watermelon, ...
SMART SMENCILS - Improve Test Scores Add a little "PEPPERMINT" to your next Fundraiser! ...
Smens - Metallic Gel
METALLIC GEL SMENS Metallic Gel Smens are Scented Pens that write in Metallic Gel Color!...
Black Ink Smens - Gourmet Scented Pens
BLACK INK SMENS Gourmet Scented Pens - Black Ink SMENS are a Perfect Fundraiser...
Spring Smencils in a Bucket
SPRING SMENCILS (Available February - May) The Spring Smencils with Spring  fig...